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Capsicum lanceolatum

Capsicum lanceolatum plant

Capsicum lanceolatum

C. lanceolatum chilli


Almost exterminated by the spread of agriculture, and believed to be extinct for over 50 years, C. lanceolatum now survives only in the Guatemalan cloud forest in a reserve set up to protect the Resplendent Quetzal. With such a tenuous hold in the wild, Capsicum lanceolatum should be carefully maintained in cultivation by enthusiasts.

The small black seeds germinate in 15 days to give tiny seedlings which are very slow growing with a weak root system, making them susceptible to sciarid fly, damping off and other problems. Plants need protection from strong sunlight.

Although flowers are produced fairly regularly, they are reluctant to set fruit until the cooler weather of autumn.

C. lanceolatum cut chilli


Capsicum lanceolatum is unusual in being a wild species with non-pungent chillies. The fleshy fruits are densly packed with small seeds around a solid core. The chillies have an unpleasnt bitter flavour.

C. lanceolatum ripe chilli Capsicum lanceolatum flower

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