The Chilli Guru™

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The Chilli Guru™ offers detailed information on all aspects of chillies, their cultivation and their uses. Particular emphasis is placed on the culinary uses of chillies and the rich variety of flavours to be found in the various chilli species.

The aim of the website is not to describe every cultivar, but rather to promote the idea that chillies, mild or hot, are important everyday food items which will enhance the flavour of most dishes. This is how they are used in countries around the world, and how they should be used in the UK.

The chilli guru himself is a successful plant breeder with experience of growing on three continents. A keen amateur chef he enjoys "real food" and hates "nouvelle cuisine". Chillies are an important part of our diet; large quantities of mild and medium chillies, plus the occasional very hot prawn stir fry accompanied by a very cold Muscadet Sèvre et Maine sur lie

Much of the information about the growth habit and culinary use of the various varieties is based on personal experience. Do treat all chillies with caution; not all the chillies and chilli seeds in commerce are correctly named, and some varieties are notoriously variable in pungency.

Do bookmark my Chilli Blog for irregular updates on the progress of the current chilli trial and other news.