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Capsicum eximium

Capsicum eximium plant

Capsicum eximium

Capsicum eximium chillies


The atractive flowers vary from pale to quite dark purple with a green centre. They are freely produced and set fairly readily. Seeds are few, and very large in relation to the size of the chilli.

Germination is quite quick for a wild species at 11 days, and the seedlings grow fairly rapidly. Plant habit is leggy and rather lax. Some branches flower and fruit quite heavily and, even though the chillies are very small and light, bend under the load.

Capsicum eximium flower and bud


Capsicum eximium is used as a spice in Bolivia where it is known as Ulupica. The chillies give an immediate sharp heat at the back of the throat which is followed by a steadily increasing glow on the tongue and lips. Because of their tiny size, thsee chillies are best dried and crushed to provide chilli flakes.

C. eximium flower

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