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Capsicum hybrid "Pimenta da Neyde"

Pimenta da Neyde chilli

Pimenta da Neyde

Pimenta da Neyde flower


Pimenta da Neyde is something of a puzzle. It was discovered by a Brazilian lady called Neyde Hidalgo as a self sown plant in her garden. In terms of species it resembles C. chinense as much as C. annuum, but is not even close to any known variety. The consensus is that it is of hybrid origin, which begs the question as to why it comes true from seed.

Pimenta da Neyde is extremely ornamental making a large plant with purple foliage and dark purple chillies which do not change colour on ripening although the colour of the fruit does depend on degree of exposure to direct sunlight.

Pimenta da Neyde chillies


Although quite fleshy, the chillies taste rather bitter but with some habanero flavour. With the considerable size of the plants, Pimenta da Neyde is more successful as an ornamental rather than a culinary variety.

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