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Capsicum hybrid "Lancer"

Lancer chilli plant


Lancer chillies


Lancer is a cross between Capsicum frutescens and Capsicum annuum var glabriusculum. It inherits the erect chillies of the former parent, and the deciduous fruit of the latter. Both parents contribute to its complex smoky flavour. Best grown in a pot, as growth in the greenhouse border can be too soft and vigorous.

Early, and easy to grow in temperate climes, this is a valuable cultivar for those who enjoy the dry smoky flavour of Capsicum frutescens.

Lancer chilli in pot


These are great chillies for using fresh in cooking. The smoky flavour of Lancer enhances fried or braised mushrooms, and they can be used wherever a dry smoky flavour is appropriate.

The ripe chillies are deciduous, and so very convenient for drying, and there is no need to remove the small seeds.

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